Gerry Adams ate my Dog.

26 02 2011

True Story.


There you are now, look at you.

9 09 2010

After an extended hiatus due to not really giving a fuck about anything that was going on in the world, I’ve decided to stick my neck back into the blogosphere and hope that it doesn’t get, you know, cut, like.

However, having nothing to say about anything at the minute might be a bit of a set back.

Well, nothing you haven’t heard or read anywhere else. Nothing original anyway.

Yeah yeah. Politicians are all bastards. Yeah yeah the clergy are all deluded stone age fools. Yeah yeah.

Yeah yeah.


Oh, and having a quota stating the amount of women you need to have on your electoral ticket is fucking ridiculous.

On Days Like These

1 11 2009

On days like these we try hard to find an opening line to the rest of our lives. On days like these we think, like any other day, but nothing becomes any the clearer. On days like these we can’t sit back and wait for life to come to us. On days like these we must embrace what life has given us and try harder to take whatever more we can from that same life. On days like these we look around us and see the world through the same eyes as on days like any other, only we know we see what we dare not to admit. And we see. On days like these the word must not be waited upon. Neither must the world be forced to wait on us. On days like these we must engage what we know to be true and act with honour and dignity to fulfil what days like these can only offer us when we have the courage to see days like these for what they are.

 They are days like any other.

 Every day is a day like this.

There is Beauty in Truth….

1 10 2009

….but the truth isn’t always beautiful.

More to follow.

The Lisbon Treaty

26 09 2009

If I had a gun, and a kitten, and Declan Ganley, Coir, Youth Defence or Sinn Fein advised me to not shoot the kitten, I’d probably shoot the kitten.

And thats all I have to say about that.

Make a Wish

31 08 2009

If I had one wish, I know what I would wish for.

I would wish to be ignorant, because ignorance is bliss.

I wouldn’t care about corruption in politics, because politics would go over my head. I wouldn’t vote because I would think that my vote doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t care about having to wait for a day in A&E with a broken chair stuck in my head because sure that’s what everyone has to do. I wouldn’t be bothered about the people lying in stretchers in corridors because they are not related to me.

I would assume that people in power are there because they know what they are doing, and the know what they are doing because they are there.

I would go to mass every week and give my money into the basket, not making the connection between what I’m giving and the fact that it is being used to indemnify paedophiles and even if I did make the connection, I would suppress it and forgive them for they have repented and even if they didn’t sure its nothing to do with me.

I wouldn’t care about the banking crisis because as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t affect me. I wouldn’t have any money in the bank anyway because I spent every weekend in the pub with my spouse, having dinner in the Jasmine and Sunday lunch in Russell’s and it didn’t matter if we woke up broke on Monday because there was always another pay packet next week and the credit card will take care of things until then.

Murder in the Middle East would be interesting on the telly but would get ignored when it suited me. Big Brother would be more like it. Nice thoughtless brain barbituate to while away the idle evenings untill I can take my two weeks in Santa Ponsa to snap my fingers at Manuel for another bottle of Bud to drink in the scorching midday sun while my skin burns. Lets see Mary Harney ban that I probably wouldn’t think to myself, as the locals close their shutters for siesta.

NAMA? Well, the Sun doesn’t really write much about it so I wouldn’t know.

You see, life can be fine for those who don’t know. Sometimes its nice to wonder what it might be like to not only just not know, but to have no interest in knowing.

Makes you think.

Or not.


29 04 2009

Day two in the gym and everywhere hurts.

I touch my arm…. Ouch… My legs… ouch…

Even my shoulders and back and stomach… ouch ouch ouch.

Turns out I bruised my finger.