Read This First. You Bastard.

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. I hope you get a bit of a giggle out of what you read here, or some of it makes you think, or something. I just want you to understand that the purpose of these pages is for use as a clearing house for some of the shite that goes through my head and, as most of you will know different scenarios will spark different reactions in different people and perspective can be skewed at times, so please dont take anything the wrong way. If you recon something here unfairly steps on your toes or misrepresents something dear to you feel free to contact me. I’ll probably ignore it, but if it makes you feel better knock yourself out.

Email You Bastard.


One response

12 03 2008

I object to your use of the word ‘Brewery’ in your Blog title.This is a blatant promotion of alchohol abuse.I mean whats next ,using the word ‘Bum’ or ‘filanges’??..
This can only lead to anarchy

Yours Angrily

Heroin McSoapytitwank

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