France, ha?

26 02 2011

I like being right. I particularly like being right about rugby teams that are better than our one. France, when put under pressure up front, fall to pieces. I know this. You probably know this, Martin Johnson (spit) has managed to get it into his lug nut of a head, the All Blacks always knew it.

Why doesn’t Declan Kidney know? Has no one told him?

Now, I’m as much an antifan of the english rugby team as the next man. BUT! I was rooting for them today, notwithstanding my loyalty to France as my team of choice when not playing Ireland, for purely practical reasons. France are now not a shoe in for the grand slam, and I recon we can Rumble the English in Dublin, leaving a chance we might pip it on points should we put a gazillion points up on Wales and Scotland.

Stranger things have happened.

Not many, mind you. But still…




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