You probably didn’t read it here first

28 02 2011

But the new government is doomed.

That’s right, before it even sits a day in the Dáil they are out to dry. And here is the reason why….

Irish politicians are populist imbeciles who have no more ability to run an altruistic government for the good of the people than the average baboon in Dublin Zoo.

I mean that. Every word of it is true as far as I can see. Instead of forming a working coalition with the aim of sorting out the mess we are in I predict, with a certain degree if confidence, that the coalition will nit pick and scrap and do nothing but their utmost to hamper each other. Labour will be doing their best to represent their lord and master Jack O’Connor in keeping the public sector bloated and Fine Gael will be trying to play the good capitalists by privatising the shit out of everything, including several tens of thousands of public sector jobs that Eamon Gilmore has promised to protect, making a liar out of him should Kenny live up to his own election promises.

Fine Gael and Labour are inherently incompatible from the roots to the shoots and no amount of posturing and post coital schmoozing can belay the fact that center left socialist unionised idealism can never be in government with capitalist right-wing christian euro-centric yes-men to the German Christian Democrats.

Make no mistake about this…. Enda Kenny has absolutely no intention of doing anything regarding the now public bank debt that doesn’t suit Angela Merkel, regardless of what he said in the run up to the election, and if the debt is renegotiated its going to be because the Germans realise that getting a bit back is better than the Irish economy folding and getting nothing back. In other words they will renegotiate because it suits them, not us.

So for now, we all might as well look forward to Election 2012 and live in hope that between now and then the needs of the many don’t indeed outweigh the needs of the few in Europe.


France, ha?

26 02 2011

I like being right. I particularly like being right about rugby teams that are better than our one. France, when put under pressure up front, fall to pieces. I know this. You probably know this, Martin Johnson (spit) has managed to get it into his lug nut of a head, the All Blacks always knew it.

Why doesn’t Declan Kidney know? Has no one told him?

Now, I’m as much an antifan of the english rugby team as the next man. BUT! I was rooting for them today, notwithstanding my loyalty to France as my team of choice when not playing Ireland, for purely practical reasons. France are now not a shoe in for the grand slam, and I recon we can Rumble the English in Dublin, leaving a chance we might pip it on points should we put a gazillion points up on Wales and Scotland.

Stranger things have happened.

Not many, mind you. But still…

Gerry Adams ate my Dog.

26 02 2011

True Story.