The Barman Cometh…

19 09 2010

You know, and you may if you’ve ever read back on any posts here, I’m no fan of our government.

In fact(aah), I think they are the most inept shower of chancers to ever disgrace any sort of position with their presence. And I’ve worked in recruitment.

In a time when we need pragmatism, we have soundbite merchants doing their best to sidestep questions in their finest Bertie fashion. Keep talking but say nothing. Which was fine when no one cared but now that we need some real people doing some real work talking out the side of your mouth won’t cut the mustard. When we need some real vision we have inept managerial types fussing about who to appoint blame to. When we need integrity we have…. well you know what, I’m going to leave that one alone for fear of stabbing myself in the eye out of rage.

However, my general dislike for politicians in general and Fianna Fail specifically not withstanding, I honestly feel the current diatribe against Brian Cowen is undeserved. Ok so he’s a pig-headed buffoon. Fine. He led the country down a dark ally as minister for finance and is now mugging it in the top job. Grand. He has absolutely no idea how he’s supposed to be leading us and where to. Granted. He is presiding over a bunch of half brained gombeen men hell-bent on ignoring the problem untill it goes away all by itself and in the meantime blaming the media for the problem due to their reporting it. You betcha.

Out of all that, surely there is something better we can get him on than being a bit creaky at nine in the morning after a pissup. surely, no? I mean, the man and his gang have been so completely useless so as to land us all at the door of unemployment, poverty, social disorder to the point of near collapse and then all we can seem to get him on is getting a bit rowdy on the beer. Well, maybe we won’t get him on that, and in my humble opinion we shouldn’t. What we should get him and his party on is leading the country to the abyss twice in living memory thanks to the political naivety of us, the Irish masses. In fairness, it was the majority of us, and every one of the fools who didn’t bother their arses to get out and vote last time round who are ultimately responsible for this debacle by keeping them in their gigs.

We. The People.

Now they say it’s an ill wind indeed that blows no good, and I’m guessing if anything good is to come from this it is a mass political awakening by the Irish people. God knows we need it. The apathy needs to stop and stop fast if we are to cease to be the laughing-stock of the world in our constant need to ignore the mechanisms that affect the very living of our individual lives. Politicians can only take us for a ride if we are on board, either by ignorance or design, and I for one suggest we jump the fuck off this wagon before its gone beyond the point of no return with a drunk driver at the wheel.


There you are now, look at you.

9 09 2010

After an extended hiatus due to not really giving a fuck about anything that was going on in the world, I’ve decided to stick my neck back into the blogosphere and hope that it doesn’t get, you know, cut, like.

However, having nothing to say about anything at the minute might be a bit of a set back.

Well, nothing you haven’t heard or read anywhere else. Nothing original anyway.

Yeah yeah. Politicians are all bastards. Yeah yeah the clergy are all deluded stone age fools. Yeah yeah.

Yeah yeah.


Oh, and having a quota stating the amount of women you need to have on your electoral ticket is fucking ridiculous.