Quitters Inc.

30 03 2009

I finished my last pack of Benson & Hedges on Friday evening. I was having a beer at home and stepped outside the back doors to draw in the last of the sweet, sweet nicotine that I had in my possession.

Now, you can call me unpatriotic if you like but for some time now I have believed the price of a pack has been somewhat excessive, so I figured out a bit of a workaround for that one. I’m over and back to Italy a fair bit. Fags are cheap in Italy. The in laws visit us regularly too. So, legally, we have a quota which we don’t exceed which happens to keep me in smokeroos without ever having to go to the shop. The thing is, my latest delivery didn’t work out. So I’ve decided its a sign and as far as I’m concerned I finished my last fag on Friday evening. I generally don’t smoke over the weekend unless I’m in the pub, which I was for the match on Saturday but only for the one pint so I didn’t really notice any cravings or anything. Today will be the acid test.

I am stocked up with biscuits and Taytos, (not crisps mind you, but proper Tayto Cheese and Onion),  a pack of Baiocchi, a Muller fruit corner, a flask of Illy Coffey and a pocket full of change for refills. I realise that its only going to last a few days and if I can get to the end of this week I will have the hard work done. Hell, I’m already on day three technically speaking, but its always best to start new things on a Monday, so here it goes.

Wish me luck.

Christ, I’m starving…..




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30 03 2009
Honest Chris

Good luck. Once you realise it’s not hard to stop, it won’t be hard to stop.

30 03 2009

I hope so anyway. I’ve tried before buyt my heart wasnt really in it, but this time I have designs on getting fit, or at the very least going for a run most evenings now that we have them back again, so that might keep me going. Week one is the pain, after that its the endurance.

31 03 2009

BOCK posted previously that he simply stopped when he quit. He copped that that is what you have to do.
I had to do the same, got peripheral arterial pain. Pain like no pain I’ve ever experienced. No better motivation.
Enjoy every second you’re off them. Nicotine is probably the most dangerous drug on earth.

31 03 2009

I did it on the 2nd attempt, like yourself, the heart wasn’t in it the first time.
The weight does pile on quickly tho’.( which was ok at first being the skinny bastard that I was). Fit as a fool now and glad to be rid of the nicotine. Good luck.

31 03 2009
Bock the Robber

I stopped smoking fifty Rothmans a day. Once I realised it was all a con-job, I found it fairly easy to quit.

Don’t ever call it giving up. You’re giving up nothing. You’re losing nothing.

31 03 2009

Thanks for the best wishes, day five now and powering through it.

31 03 2009
Bock the Robber

Well done lad. It’s not hard at all. The cigarette companies want you to believe nicotine is tougher than heroin because it’s the fear that keeps people smoking. Stopping smoking is easy when you realise it’s all bullshit.

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