Evident Failure in the Humour Department

25 03 2009

I have to say I’m very disappointed about the lack of cojones shown by RTE in rolling over and apologising for this;


And this;


They didn’t actually say sorry for the paintings (they didnt paint them), they unreservedly apologised for running a report on it.

Newsflash –


However, apparently it was offensive to the Cowen Family. The Da in the household is fat. Shocker, ha? Now the  Gardai have been draughted in (they have nothing better to be doing, you see) to serve a warrant on Ray Darcy’s radio show on Today FM in order to get the contact details of the offending artist so they can charge him with having a sense of the ridiculous and showing Brian Cowen to be human, with the icing on this particular cake being the calls from FF ministers for the resignation of the Director General of RTE for airing this grossly offensive and misrepresentative story. Yeah, sure boys. If you were ever unsure, here is your definitive proof as to the the dry, shitty, bitter, cold, unsavoury and down right fucking begrudgery ridden nature of the people elected to lead us through our darkest hour.

Here are the shower of bastards who recon they have the master plan that will get their mates in the banks off the hook  save us all from economic doom and they cant even take a fucking joke.

Brian Cowen is a human being, right? I’m assuming he wears underpants and uses toilet paper. On what end I’m not sure but there you go. I’m sure the Gardai have better things to be worrying about, and I know for a fact Brian Cowen has better things to be worrying about.

If Joe fucking bastard FF TD has nothing better to be worrying about then hand back your fat salaries and greedy pensions and fuck off back to the primary school or law firm you came from and let the piss takers take the piss and the ministers minister. There is no place for you here. I’m no great fan of Brian Cowen, but I do have more respect for him than I had for Bertie Balls seeming as Brian had the minerals to at least try to be seen to be doing something about the flaming, screaming, burning plane crash of an economy under our arses and didn’t just up and run like that other cunt. However, if Brian Cowen is implicit in this wasting of Garda time and resources, as well as being a plain old bad sport, well then I guess its just one more reason to add to the long, long, long list of reasons to avoid the fuckers like the plague next time your in a polling booth.




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