2012, Last Orders Please.

5 08 2008

So I read a book a few weeks ago about the 2012 prophecies and how the world is going to end on December 21st 2012. A lot of people are taking this very seriously. Apparently, the ancient Mayans had this increadibly accurate calender they kept by watching the procession of the stars in the heavens, and every few thousand years their calander resets to the year zero of the new era, or the birth of a new cycle in the procession of the stars in the night sky. Its also apparent that a lot of people are taking it seriously. Apparently, like all births, this one is going to be accompanied by blood and screaming and pain and squeezing and pushing. Where they are coming up with this information no one seems to be asking, but it doesnt matter, lets not let anything like facts get in the way of a good shit scare.

Why do people seem so addicted to being worried all the time? Beats me. I recently installed a satalite dish for my far classier and better looking half so she could watch TV from the old country. One thing I’ve noticed is that they rarely show sitcoms, or drama from the US, like you find on our own channels. They seem to be hung up mostly on light entertainment involving lots of young ladies and skimp undergarments, which is something I think we could learn from. For example, Ciao Darwin (my favourate) pits the wits of polar opposites, like single girls Vs girls in relationships in hard fought trials of underwear modelling and jumping up and down and being letched at, like so;

Anyway, I think I started this in order to talk about impending doom on american television and how it may cause or at the very least feed into their paranoia about being killed in the face by sand covered suicide terrorisms or something, and that MAY be the case, but either way, boobs are GREAT.